What is Reboot! and who is Chris Stefanick?

Reboot! Live! is a project of Real Life Catholic, the ministry of Chris Stefanick. Real Life Catholic is a large, nationwide organization with a highly successful track record in the evangelization and formation of strong Catholics. Real Life Catholic produces CHOSEN, a Confirmation preparation curriculum, as well as many catechetical and outreach programs for teens, college-aged young adults, struggling Catholics, and anyone interested in growing in faith.

What happens at the event?

Hearts and lives are changed! Reboot! Live! is a powerful, two-hour, live-action presentation featuring Chris Stefanick. Chris is a "motivational speaker for God" who is considered to be the #1 Catholic evangelist in the United States.

The first half of the event is the Gospel presented as you've never heard it before, in a unique new way that guarantees to grab and hold your interest. The second hour will tell you how to apply that Gospel to your own life, right now in 2017, in a real and meaningful way. Reboot! Live! events are charged with the energy of a large and varied crowd averaging 1,000 attendees, and the amazing power of the Holy Spirit.

Why do I need to pay for this?

While many speakers charge large fees ($4,000 or more), Chris does not. There is no speaker fee for his Reboot! Live! event, nor are there fees for musicians, their airfare, accommodations, etc. Reboot also provides, at no charge, the formation and training program that we're using at our monthly Reboot meetings, as well as posters and other publicity materials for the event. These are some of the costs covered by the ticket price. If the amount of ticket sales exceeds costs, any additional funds go toward other worthy Real Life Catholic projects. It's money well-invested in the future of the Church!

Watertown High School has generously waived all building use fees for the gym for our event on November 15, and is providing us with staging and other production equipment. However, we do have additional production and advertising costs. Thanks to generous donations by the Knights of Columbus, Joe and Sharon Darcey, and two anonymous donors, we have already covered the bulk of these costs. Thanks to money budgeted by the Pastoral Council, we have a small amount remaining to help reduce ticket prices for students and those with financial needs.

What is the Reboot! Fund?

A generous donation has allowed for every student in our Watertown Catholic School and in our Grade 6-12 religious education program to receive a FREE ticket to this event! Scholarship funding is available for those who may need assistance for the rest of their family members to attend. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. 

We want to make it obtainable for everyone to attend. Please contact us if you are interested in making a donation to the ticket scholarship fund. 



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