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St. Bernard's and St. Henry's Catholic Churches in Watertown, WI have each established separate school endowment funds. These endowment funds are permanent investment funds from which interest and dividends are paid annually to support the life and programs of each of the school campuses. The contributions to these funds are never spent, and the funds are insulated from any legal claims against the parishes, school campuses, or diocese. Donors can be assured that their gifts will be a permanent legacy to support the work of St. Bernard's or St. Henry's Campus. All donations made to these school endowment funds are tax deductible.

How it Works

The assets of the St. Bernard Campus and St. Henry Campus school endowment funds are managed by a professional investment company. The corpus of donors’ gifts is never eroded or diminished and will continue to grow through wise and prudent investment, providing a source of school funding for many generations to come. Funds are used for the general support of the school campus or the funding of a specific school program.

How to Contribute

A charitable contribution to the St. Bernard Campus or St. Henry Campus school endowment fund can take a variety of forms including cash, appreciated securities, real estate, life insurance, gift annuities, or retirement plans. Donors may also contribute to the endowment fund through a bequest – including a gift in their will. If you are interested in making a contribution, please contact Fr. Patrick Wendler, Barb Bartz, or Adrienne Van Norman.


Why should donors consider an endowment rather than an outright gift?

With an endowment, the gift stays permanently invested. An annual distribution from the income generated by the fund supports the life and work of the school indefinitely.

Can the parish, school, or diocese ever claim funds from the endowment, in all or in part?

No. As a legally established investment contract, the endowment can never be closed or used in any way other than specified at its establishment.

Is there a minimum amount that can be given?

No. Contributions of every size are gratefully accepted.

Should I consult my own lawyer or financial advisor before making a contribution?

It is important for donors to feel completely comfortable in their relationship with the St. Bernard Campus or St. Henry Campus school endowment fund. Though the fund utilizes the services of top professionals in the legal, accounting, and financial planning fields, donors may certainly use their own lawyer, CPA, certified financial planner or life insurance professional to review arrangements and prepare the appropriate documents.

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