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Faith and Family's Consistent Small Habits

Consistent Small Habits-Small things you can do with your family that came have a big impact.

Thursday, February 28: Lessons from the “Our Father” Part 4: The “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil” phrase in the “Our Father” is a reminder to us that God is on our side. He is with us whenever we may be tempted by evil. Throughout the day, ask God for the resolve to follow Him and stay vigilant against the temptations brought forth each day.

Thursday, February 21: Lessons from the “Our Father” Part 3: Through the “Our Father”, Jesus shows us how to ask for forgiveness for our sins (“Forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”) and to forgive others who sin against us. Use your evening prayer to ask God’s forgiveness by praying the Act of Contrition.

Thursday, February 14:  Lessons from the “Our Father” Part 2:  The second lesson Jesus gave us through the “Our Father” prayer is to ask God to supply our daily needs (“Give us this day our daily bread”) to live the way God expects. As part of your daily prayers, make your needs known to God and trust that He will provide.

Thursday, February 7:  Lessons from the “Our Father” Part 1: Jesus gave his disciples the “Our Father” as the perfect model of a prayer. It is an instruction in how we should pray. First, He tells us to praise God and direct our prayers to God the Father (“Our Father who art in Heaven hallowed be thy name”). Start your morning prayer praising God- “God Almighty Father, I love and adore You with all my heart”.

Thursday, January 31, 2019:  Feast Day of St. John Bosco, patron saint of school children. What a great saint to celebrate during Catholic Schools Week! A simple Italian dinner followed by a puppet show depicting a favorite Bible story is a fitting celebration for St John Bosco, born in Italy and well known for using ‘magic tricks’ to teach the faith.

Thursday, January 24, 2019:  “Opening the Word” is a great, short weekly video on the FORMED website, providing an overview (and sometimes history lesson) to prepare families for the Sunday Gospel message. You can still create your free, on-line FORMED account by following the link on the Watertown Catholic webpage.

Thursday, January 17, 2019:  Helping younger children learn their prayers is as simple as picking a prayer to work on for 1-2 months and praying it out loud, slowly and clearly, so as time goes on the children memorize it. For older children, talking about the value of prayer, why we pray and what happens after prayer, helps develop their prayer habits.

Thursday, January 10, 2019:  When you are updating your 2019 calendar, remember to add your child(ren)’s church birthday (baptism) into the family calendar. Then celebrate the day with a special treat, dinner or activity.

Thursday, January 3, 2019:  There are several fun ways to celebrate the Epiphany this weekend. Since the feast of the Epiphany is in part a celebration of the adoration of Jesus by the Magi from the East, celebrate with an international dinner, as we remember that the three wise men came from different parts of the world to honor the Christ-child. Also, don’t forget to bless your home with the Epiphany House blessings and chalk that were sent home!

Thursday, December 20:  After weeks of preparing for Jesus, we can finally place Baby Jesus in the manger on Christmas. Celebrate with a birthday cake. Also, on Christmas Eve, the wise men began to follow the star on their journey to find the Christ-child. Maybe your nativity scene wise men can also take a journey, traveling around your home, drawing closer to the manger as Epiphany (Jan. 6) draws near. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 13:  Today is the Feast Day of St Lucy.  Lucia means 'light' and it is said that St. Lucy radiated light in her love for Jesus Christ. Start a fun family tradition this evening by enjoying the Christmas lights in the neighborhood. With mugs of cocoa, wrapped in warm hats and mittens, enjoy the Christmas lights on your walk, or take a drive to see the beautiful lights of the season.  

Thursday, December 6:  As we await in hope of the coming of Jesus, this Advent season consider starting your nativity scene with only Mary and Joseph and/or creating a manger for Baby Jesus.  Each time your child does a good deed for someone, they can add a small piece of 'straw' (cut up strips of construction paper/tissue paper or even use cotton balls) to the manger to prepare a soft bed for the Baby.  If you don’t have a nativity set, you can create a manger out of a box or basket, fill it with the children’s good deeds and then place a baby doll in the newly created manger at Christmas. These small sacrifices and good deeds are wonderful examples to teach our children about the room we prepare in our hearts for Jesus.








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