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Mission Statement

Mission Statement with Saints Logo

Core Values

We at Watertown Catholic School value (and will strive our best to):

Charity: Live out the great Christian ideal of loving God above all things and selflessly loving one another because of our commitment to God.

Community: Provide a Catholic community where all students, parents, faculty, and staff are valued and where our students are supported in their pursuit of learning.

Excellence: Pursue excellence in all that we do so that our students receive an outstanding intellectual, moral, and spiritual education and so that they will be motivated to pursue excellence in turn.

Faith: Teach the fullness of the Christian faith, witness to it by the way in which we live, and be guided by it in the decisions that we make.

Leadership: Help our students to develop their talents and abilities so that they can grow into becoming the future leaders of our community.

Responsibility: Help our students to learn to take personal responsibility for their decisions and actions by modeling this as a faculty and staff.

Service: Help our students to become people of service in our school, our parishes, our community, and our world, who are inspired by our example and by the model of Jesus who came “not to be served but to serve.”

Stewardship: Practice responsible stewardship with respect to the resources, finances, and gifts that God and the members of our community bless us with.

Truth: Help our students to use their minds and hearts to learn the truth at an age-appropriate level while they are with us so that they will become devoted life-long learners.

Virtue: Help our students to grow in the Christian and human virtues by consistently modeling them and by pursuing integrity in all that we do.

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